Cookie Policy

Lifehop uses cookies on its website to collect customer browsing and journey information, including viewed pages and purchases.

What are Cookies?

The Lifehop website uses cookies to collect information. Cookies are text files that websites place on your computer or other devices as you browse the website. Cookies are used to identify your device and remember when it accesses a website.

Cookies are required to maintain effective use of websites and to enhance your online experience. They are also used to personalise any products and services that may be advertised to you on websites and elsewhere online.

Data Collection

Some cookies gather information about your browsing and purchases on this website when you use the same computer or device. This includes any products you purchase, your viewed pages, and your online journey on a website. Lifehop does not use cookies to collect or hold information such as your name, address or other contact information. Lifehop uses cookies to monitor your browsing behaviour and purchases.

How are Cookies Managed?

The cookies stored on your computer or other device when you access the Lifehop website are designed by:

  • Lifehop, or third parties working on behalf of Lifehop, and are necessary for you to purchase products on our website
  • third parties who assist Lifehop in detecting and preventing fraud
  • third parties who assist Lifehop in marketing programmes
  • third parties who display web banner advertisements on behalf of Lifehop.

What are Cookies Used for?

Cookies are used for the purposes of:

  1. Technical operations so that the Lifehop website functions correctly, in particular with online transactions and site navigation.
  2. Marketing, web banner advertisements and targeted updates.
  3. Fraud detection and prevention of web and social media advertising
  4. Data collection of your browsing behaviour and purchases, including the monitoring of campaigns and competitions.

Can I Disable Cookies?

Yes, you can disable cookies in your web browser settings.

What happens if I disable cookies?

Depending on which cookies you disable, some websites might not operate properly when cookies are switched off.