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Fun Outdoor Activities for the Family

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Do you remember those days when you would dream about planning outdoor activities for the family? How you’d become almost teary-eyed at the thought of you and your picture-perfect partner bundling the kids into the car to set off on a day of outdoor adventures? How does it feel now as you hurtle back to the chaotic reality of consoles and tablets and half hour tantrums as you beg and plead for the kids to just stick their head out of the window for a breath of fresh air? It’s not great, is it? Yet, worry not, as you’re fortunate enough to have stumbled upon some fantastic tried and tested tips which will help to tear your little darlings away from their screens and headsets.

Get Tough!

Don’t just threaten to put the tech away, actually do it, not as a punishment, but to get their attention. Once you’ve stashed away their gadgets, ask them where they’d like to go and what they’d like to do – outdoors. At first, you may be met by incoherent mutterings with the occasional “it’s not fair” and “I hate my life” thrown in, but take a deep breath and soldier on because it will all be worth it in the end. Give them a few of your own suggestions, even if it just means discounting activities they absolutely won’t do. Once you’ve got a list (or more realistically, a couple of suggestions that they don’t absolutely hate) put these activities in your diary, or even better, do one of them that day.

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Kid’s Outdoor Activities that are Fun for Everyone

Get to the beach, baby! Who can resist a day out at the beach? Even the older kids will get into the swing of things once you reach the beach. You can spend the entire day out at the seaside without spending a penny if you so wish, but it’s always fun to find the nearest chippy and scoff chips on the pier. Tempt the most reluctant family members with the promise of ice creams, and we’re sure they’ll soon warm to the idea. If you’re on a budget, pack a picnic (not forgetting the vino for the adult non-driver), a few blankets, towels, and a change of clothes, and enjoy some good old-fashioned family fun by the sea. There are plenty of kid’s outdoor activities you can play on the beach:

Top 10 Beach Activities

  1. Rounders
  2. Frisbee
  3. Kite flying
  4. Volleyball
  5. Building sandcastles
  6. Tug of war
  7. Rock pooling
  8. Swimming/paddling
  9. Surfing
  10. Snorkeling

Den Building

Den building is one of my favourite outdoor activities for the family, and children, especially, will love it. Find your nearest woods or park and get looking for some great branches and sticks for your den. If you’re a novice at this, or it’s been many years since you last attempted to build a decent outdoor den, you can get some great tips from The National Trust’s guide to den building. This is one activity that requires you to relax about any potential mess, so just suck it up and let the kids go feral while you enjoy spending time together outside as a family.

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Nature Hunts in the Park

If you’re desperate to chuck in some educational activities while enjoying the Great Outdoors, a nature hunt is the perfect way to do it. Make a list of different insects, birds and other wildlife (make it realistic –  nobody wants to see a three-year-old crying because they didn’t spot a polar bear…) and tell the kids to tick off each one they see during your outdoor adventures. Bring a picnic if you plan to be out for a few hours and include some tasty treats for those that took part in the nature hunt.


What better way to spend time with the family and soak up all the goodness of the Great Outdoors than on a camping trip. If you’d like to spend more than a few hours escaping the humdrum of life to really immerse yourself in the outdoors and get back to nature then this is the way to do it. I mean, what kids don’t love camping? Roasting marshmallows over a fire and sipping on hot chocolate in the evening, waking in the morning to the sound of birdsong and breathtaking sunrises, what’s not to love? The Lake District not only has plenty of outdoor activities which you can do during the daytime, but you’ll also find lots of family friendly campsites with views to die for. Stonethwaite is a particularly good place for camping and with the Fairy Glen just a short walk away, the kids will be happy playing outdoors all day.

More Outdoor Activities for the Family

  1. Hiking
  2. Quad biking
  3. Cycling
  4. Cave exploring
  5. Wild swimming
  6. Fishing
  7. Camping
  8. Boat ride
  9. Pony trekking
  10. Kayaking
  11. Treetop adventures
  12. Archery
  13. Abseiling
  14. Rock climbing

Discover more fun things to do with the kids in the Lake District.

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