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Grassington, Yorkshire Dales National Park

grassington north yorkshire

Tucked into the heart of the untamed landscape, Grassington in the Yorkshire Dales National Park is a quintessential English village steeped in history. With its cobblestone streets lined with independent shops and traditional pubs, Grassington is one of the prettiest villages in Yorkshire.

The village boasts a rich history that dates back to the Roman era, and it has retained its historical charm through its well-preserved architecture. Step into the past as you explore the village square, lined with olde-worlde shops and tea rooms that create a nostalgic atmosphere.

As you stroll along the winding streets, you’ll discover traditional stone-built houses, many of which date back to the 17th and 18th centuries. Their unique architectural style adds to the village’s character and provides a glimpse into its past.

grassington smithy
Grassington Smithy

Things to Do in Grassington

One of the notable landmarks in the village is Grassington Town Hall, an impressive structure that dominates the village square. This Grade II listed building, built in 1844, showcases the local government’s historical significance and serves as a cultural hub for events, exhibitions and community gatherings.

Nature lovers and hikers will be in their element among the stunning scenery surrounding Grassington. The village serves as a gateway to the breathtaking North Yorkshire Moors National Park where you can explore the vast expanse of rolling hills, meandering rivers and cascading waterfalls.

Folk Museum

For those seeking a more immersive experience, a visit to the Grassington Folk Museum is a must. Housed in a former miner’s cottage, the museum provides an insight into the area’s fascinating mining and farming heritage. Its collections include artifacts, photographs, and exhibits that take you on a journey through time, unravelling the village’s stories.

grassington folk museum
Folk Museum

Grassington Festivals and Events

The village pulsates with life throughout the year, hosting a variety of festivals and events that celebrate local culture and heritage. The Grassington Festival, held in June, showcases an eclectic mix of music, theatre, comedy and visual arts. This vibrant event attracts renowned artists, making it a highlight on the cultural calendar.

During the winter holidays, the village transforms into a captivating wonderland at the Grassington Christmas Festival. The annual Dickensian Festival recreates Victorian era festivities, with locals dressing in period costumes, carol singing and traditional market stalls offering unique gifts and crafts.


Grassington is also a haven for shopaholics and anyone looking for unique and locally crafted items. The village is dotted with charming independent stores, offering everything from handmade jewellery to bespoke clothing. One hidden gem is Grassington Community Shop, a cooperative venture that showcases a variety of locally sourced products. From artisan chocolates to handmade pottery, this shop allows visitors to support local artisans and find distinctive souvenirs to take home.

grassington shops
Grassington shops

Grassington Market

The Grassington Farmers’ Market, held on the third Sunday of every month, allows visitors to sample and purchase a variety of locally-produced goods, from artisan cheeses and homemade baked goods to fresh fruits and vegetables. This vibrant market is a testament to Grassington’s commitment to supporting local businesses and preserving its agricultural roots.

Grassington Walks

Embark on one of the many walking trails, such as the famous Dales Way, and witness the beauty of nature at its finest. There are plenty of trails to choose from, each catering to different levels of ability. One of the most captivating sights in Grassington is Linton Falls. Situated on the River Wharfe, these cascading waterfalls are can be admired from a scenic footbridge.

linton falls
Linton Falls

Another great walking route, is the Grass Wood walk. This well-maintained trail takes you along the River Wharfe through the ancient Grass Wood, an area of woodland that dates back thousands of years. As you amble along, you’ll encounter a diverse array of wildlife and flora, including rare orchids and quaint bird species.

  • Burnsall and Linton Falls walk
  • River Wharfe to Grass Wood walk
  • Conistone and the Dales Way walk
  • Hebden Walk

Places to Eat

No visit to Grassington would be complete without indulging in its culinary scene. The village boasts a range of traditional pubs and charming tearooms, offering a taste of local Yorkshire delicacies. Sample the freshest local produce at one of the restaurants or pubs in Grassington, washed down with a locally brewed ale, of course. One highly recommended place to eat is The Devonshire Inn, known for its hearty pub grub and warm hospitality. The Black Horse is also a popular choice among locals and visitors, offering a wide selection of local ales, wines and spirits.

Grassington Accommodation

holiday cottages

From stylish hotels and inns with rooms to self-catering holiday cottages in Grassington, you’ll find a good selection of places to stay. It’s advisable to book well in advance of your trips as places do get booked up quickly.

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