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Latrigg Walk, Keswick

view from latrigg walk

Parking: Bell Close Car Park Main Street, Keswick

Distance: 3 miles

Latrigg Fell Height: 368m

Latrigg Walk Grade: Moderate

Time: Approx. 2 – 2.5 hours

Owing to its stunning views over the town, Derwentwater and surrounding fells, this Latrigg walk is considered one of the best walking routes in Keswick. The town itself attracts visitors with its historic architecture and shop-lined streets while the dramatic countryside and fells beckon ramblers and wildlife lovers.

latrigg view from bench
View of Keswick and Derwentwater

Derwentwater stretches for three miles, with the fell and lake scenery once providing inspiration to the area’s most beloved poet, William Wordsworth, who would often take walks near Keswick and the surrounding areas. This Latrigg Fell route is ideal for those looking for easy walks in Keswick but still want to enjoy the beautiful Latrigg view. For those unable to walk from the town of Keswick, there is also a limited mobility path to the viewpoint which provides and accessible route from the car park at Gale Road.

Latrigg Walking Route

  1. Begin this Latrigg walk at the Market Square in Keswick, heading onto Station Street before crossing the River Greta via the bridge and towards Fitz Park.

2. Cross through the park, passing the BMX track and exiting the park to the right. From here, follow the path until you reach Spooney Green Lane. Continue down the lane, crossing a bridge and through a gate.

3. This part of the route offers ample opportunity to enjoy thrilling views and is also the steepest section of the walk. Keep true to the path, crossing two streams and heading towards the car park.

skiddaw little man
Skiddaw Little Man

4. Continue through the car park and follow the signs for the Limited Mobility Path. You can choose to continue via this path which leads to the right, or veer left up the gravel path. Take in the incredible views as you walk the full Latrigg height to its summit.

5. As you near the top of the fell on this Latrigg walk, take the path to the right until you reach a bench. This bench is a renowned viewpoint where you can take some incredible photos of Derwentwater, Keswick and the crown of fells that surround the lake and town. Keep a lookout for ospreys, peregrine falcons, and kestrels, known for frequenting the lakes. You might even be lucky enough to spot wild otters, who, although renowned for being extremely reclusive, have been known to be seen playing on the shores of Derwentwater.

view from latrigg walk
Latrigg View

Once you’ve had your fill of the stunning vistas, continue downhill and take the path to the left. You’ll soon turn left to return to the portion of the route you took as you came. Retrace your steps, entering once again into Fitz Park and continuing back to the town centre where you can enjoy further walks around Keswick.

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