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Travelling to the Lake District within the UK

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Are there Planes, Buses and Trains to the Lake District?

How can I travel to the Lake District within the UK? This is a question with a lot of answers so I’ve pieced together all the different options for you here in this article. So read on if you would like to find out more about all the different methods and modes of transport for travelling to the Lake District from your hometown.

Whether travelling by air, road, or rail, I’ll provide you with a breakdown on how to get to the Lake District.

By Air: Flights to the Lake District

If you’re living in the south of the UK, flights to the Lake District can be a great way to save on time, and potentially money if you book early enough. Although there are no direct flights offered by budget carriers such as Ryanair or Easyjet, you can certainly get good deals flying direct from London with British Airways if you book far enough in advance.

Another great way to save money is by booking airport parking. This is especially the case when parking at any of London’s airports. Stansted Airport parking is a great way to save money and start off your trip the right way.

The two airports that are easiest to fly to are Manchester and Newcastle, with direct flights offered by British Airways. You can then find buses (such as National Express) and trains to the Lake District from these major airports.

Trains to the Lake District

Reaching the Lake District by train from Manchester is probably your best bet. There is a direct train from Manchester to Windermere. From here you can take local trains which will take you to neighbouring villages. An alternative is to take trains all around the Lake District, including a line that runs along the Cumbrian coastline.

If you’re travelling to the Lake District from Newcastle, you can easily take a direct train to Windermere as well. The 66 mile journey will take you 4 hours and is available from 04:42 until 20:25 hours.

While there are no direct trains to Lake District from London, it is pretty easy to catch a train from London to Manchester and then another one from there to Windermere.

If this doesn’t sound like your thing, you might prefer to take a bus to the Lake District.

Buses to the Lake District

There is no direct route from Newcastle to Windermere in the Lake District, however, you can reach Penrith from Newcastle via two trains. From here you can take the bus to a variety of different places around the Lake District.

It’s easier travelling from Manchester by bus and a 2-hour 45-minute trip with National Express for £10 or less will get you to Penrith. From here you can catch buses or trains around the Lake District with ease.

Once you reach Windermere, you might also want to consider seeing the Lake District by Stagecoach. Stagecoach CNL have a lot of buses that can take you from town to town, as well as taking you on scenic routes around the Lake District.

Or maybe you prefer to drive yourself?

travelling to the Lake district

Driving to and around the Lake District

If you enjoy driving on country roads through picturesque scenery, you’ll love driving around the Lake District. While it’s not necessary to have a car to visit the Lake District, it’s not a bad idea if you want plenty of flexibility or are looking to do a longer road trip.

Whether you’re travelling with kids to the Lake District, or looking for a more romantic adventure in the Lake District, I hope I’ve provided you with plenty of choice for travelling to the Lake District from within the UK.

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