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Which Lake District Animals are you Most Drawn to?

Herdwick sheep

Cumbrian wildlife is brimming with different species of fauna, but which Lake District animals are you most drawn to? Could this reveal more about your personality than you think?

Choose which animal you are most captivated by from the list below.

Just for fun!

Lake District Animals

1. Red Squirrel

red squirrel
Red squirrel

These furry rodents are generally morning or late afternoon creatures when they like to come out for food. During the summer months when the weather is warmer, they like to have a bit of a lie in and surface around midday. They love to spend most of their time in the trees, coming down to the ground mainly to eat. The red squirrel likes to eat seeds, nuts and berries

2. Red Deer

red deer lake district animals
Red deer

This species of deer are social animals and can often be found in large herds. The females dominate the herd and separate from the males after the mating season. Red deer love to be up and about early morning whilst during the day they are more inactive and spend most of their time grazing on grasses, clover, dandelions and other vegetation.

3. Golden Eagle

Golden eagle
Golden eagle

Arguably the most majestic bird on the planet, the golden eagle is a beautiful predator that graces the sky with its enormous wings. This is a rare bird with only one remaining in England which, if you’re lucky, can be spotted at Haweswater. Golden eagles stay with the same mate for life and use the same nest each year.

4. Highland Cow

Highland Cow
Highland Cows

Although they may seem unlikely Lake District wildlife, Highland cows can often be found mooching about the national park. Grazing cattle are beneficial for the area as they assist the diversity of wildlife. This breed of cattle is hardy, yet they are mild-mannered characters that love affection from humans and avoid aggression within their herds.

5. Otter


Undeniably cute, otters are fun loving, intelligent and mix well with others. They are determined creatures and will swim miles just to find the perfect fishing spot. They tend to prefer moving around at night when there are fewer predators around but can also be seen cuddling their pups during the daytime.

6. Badger


These stubby-legged animals are surprisingly powerful and are the largest land predator in the UK. Although they generally live together in groups, badgers often go hunting alone. They love to eat and can munch up to several hundred earthworms in one night!

7. Herdwick Sheep

Distinguished by their adorably cute faces, the Herdwick is one of the most-loved of the Lake District animals. They are one of the hardiest breeds in the UK and have adapted to dwelling high on the fells. They are real home birds and extremely territorial, so they will spend their lives among the same fell. Herdwicks are at one with their surroundings and graze on grass, heather, and bracken.

8. Red Fox

Red fox lake district animals
Red fox

Cunning and territorial, these wily creatures tend to be seen during the night when there are few people around. Although they can be found in cities and suburbs, they are most at home among farmland and woodland. They are naturally shy and timid and would prefer to flee than fight. However, if cornered, they will defend themselves.

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