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Mam Tor Walk, Peak District

Mam Tor Walk

Mam Tor Parking: Castleton Visitor Centre, Buxton Road, Castleton, S33 8WN

Distance: Approx. 7 miles

Mam Tor height: 517 metres

Grade: Moderate

Time: 3-4 hours

Walking Route to Mam Tor Peak District

This Mam Tor circular walk takes in incredible views, particularly as you reach Mam Tor’s summit. Enjoy the sight of other hills across the Peak District as you tackle the Mam Tor ridge walk, including the highest peak, Kinder Scout. Turn your gaze downwards for stunning views over the village of Castleton and take in the spectacular vistas across the popular village of Edale.

mam tor summit
Mam Tor

This Mam Tor route leads you from Castleton to the summit of Lose Hill before crossing the Great Ridge and Back Tor, with a final jaunt to Hollins Cross before concluding at Mam Tor. This is also a great dog friendly walk that your furry friends will love.

Mam Tor Parking

It’s worth noting that the Mam Tor walk is very popular so if you want to make sure you get a parking spot, it’s worth avoiding doing the Mam Tor circular walk at the weekend or, if taking the walk on a weekend, beginning as early as possible. In addition to paid parking at the Castleton Visitor Centre, you can also park further along the road.

Mam Tor Walk from Castleton

castleton village peak district
Castleton village

1. Begin your walk by turning left out of the car park and making your way through Castleton village and onto the main street. You’ll soon reach a bridge that takes you over the road. Cross here and take the footpath past Losehill Hall.

2. As you arrive at a corner, turn right then cross the stile into a field a little further along the path. Cross the stile and keep to the right of the field.

3. Take the stone steps and cross the wooden bridge. Follow the path, taking the track leading to another stile. From here you’ll be signposted left towards the Lose Hill summit. As you ascend, look out for another stile to cross, and keep walking until you reach the summit.

Ridge Walk from Lose Hill to Mam Tor via Hollins Cross

back tor peak district
Back Tor

4. The flagstones on the Great Ridge walk make for a handy guide for this section of the Mam Tor walk. As you continue along the famous Great Ridge of the Peak District, you’ll climb Back Tor which gives you the ideal opportunity to take some snaps of the awesome views from Back Tor to Mam Tor. Descending Back Tor isn’t easy so give yourself some time to make your way down until you reach the marker for Hollins Cross.

mam tor great ridge walk
Mam Tor Great Ridge Walk

Hollins Cross to Mam Tor

5. You’ll see there are different paths at this point, but you’ll want to stay on the Great Ridge and head upwards towards the Mam Tor peak. Once there, soak up the views before you make your descent.

The Winnats Pass walk back to Castleton

6. Walk down the other side of Mam Tor towards the road that takes you between the hills. Go through the gate, along the grassy bank until you reach the road.

7. Cross the road and walk along the path lying to the left of another road. Cross over and follow the path.

8. You’ll soon reach Winnats Head Farm. Go through the gate and continue on the path taking you to Treak Taverns.

9. When the road meets Winnats Pass, cross over and enjoy the scenic stroll back to Castleton to complete your Mam Tor walk.

winnats pass peak district
Winnats Pass

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