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Wellbeing Tips for Coping with Lockdown

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Prioritising your own mental and emotional health has never been more important than it is right now – especially if you want to be in with a chance of staying sane, calm and positive whilst being stuck at home! No matter what your ‘new’ circumstances, The Vibrancy Hub’s top wellbeing tips can help you cope better. Whether you’re working from home, attempting to entertain an energetic toddler or carrying on with business as usual, these simple activities will help with your wellbeing.


#1: The first 60 mins of each day = no phone zone!

Allow your mind to decide how it’s feeling before you add layers of information to it, which in turn affects your mood and mindset for the rest of the day. In order to make this happen – revert back to an old-school alarm clock OR if you are allowing yourself to wake up naturally, don’t take your phone into your bedroom. Instead of scrolling being the first thing you do each day, be intentional about how you spend your first 60 minutes. Read a book, have a little stretch or simply be present whilst you eat your breakfast and enjoy your morning with your family.

#2: Become amazing at breathing!

To calm yourself down quickly, focus on your breathing. Slowly inhale, counting for 4 seconds and exhale for 4 seconds. Concentrate on the breath so that your mind gets a short rest. Do this 10 times – in less than 2 minutes you will start to feel much calmer as your entire nervous system calms down. If, at any stage during your day, you begin to feel overwhelmed, anxious or panicky, take a seat and carry out this simple exercise.

#3: Boundaries are your best friend!

The news can create vast amounts of overwhelm at the moment and it is very easy to get caught up in a worry cycle – worrying about the uncertainty of your future situation. We have a solution for this. Create disciplined boundaries around news consumption. Of course, remain in the picture and be aware of the actions needing to be taken, but don’t allow yourself to become submerged in negativity. 15 minutes morning and evening are more than enough to keep you informed and will keep you out of that unhelpful worry cycle.

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#4: Prioritise “me time”!

We hear it so often, especially amongst parents, that they feel that taking time out for themselves is indulgent and selfish. We are here to bang the self-care drum! This time is the absolute opposite of selfish – if you’re not looking after yourself during this uncertain time, you’re going to be showing up as a half-arsed version of yourself for your loved ones.

Plan some time EVERY DAY, just for you…and protect that time with your life! If you want to do a 10 minute guided meditation at lunch – ask your partner for help with the kids. Or plan a relaxing evening of yoga, reading a book or having a candlelit bath once the kids are in bed. Whilst slow, mindful activities feel really lovely and enjoyable at the time – remember the magic here is that prioritising these calming activities will hugely impact your sleep and therefore your mood tomorrow.

#5: Make sure you are getting quality sleep

Great quality sleep is crucial if you want to remain resilient throughout these challenging times. The hours before midnight are almost 50% more nourishing than those hours after the clock strikes 12. Try heading to bed a little earlier and unplugging from tech 60 mins before bed (we call this “Power Down Hour”). This way your mind has a chance to calm down, and you’re more likely to get better quality sleep, positively impacting your day ahead.

#6: Stay connected

Make sure you feel connected, supported and loved during this challenging time. Schedule a FaceTime call with those that make you happy, and add a little fun into your catch ups. Create a quiz, have a little disco to your favourite tunes or play a game of good old fashioned bingo (so many digital options available)!

#7: Find alternatives to your usual adventures in nature

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We have saved the best until last. As we know many of you are lovers of the Lake District, we have to find suitable alternatives to those much-loved hikes and rambles. Get more adventurous on your daily walks – explore a route that you’ve never tried before and really take it all in. Try to get out of your head and really indulge your senses – pay attention to everything you can see, smell, hear, feel as you embrace the nature on your doorstep. Notice the stunning spring blossoms, become enchanted by the beautiful birdsong, feel the spring sunshine on your face and smell the delicious wafts of BBQ from nearby houses. Make sure you spend time with your family enjoying lots of outdoor activities.

Another way to really enjoy nature is to get gardening – this is one of the most mindful activities you can do. And ditch the gardening gloves! A study from the University of Bristol found that the bacteria in soil can boost levels of serotonin, the ‘happy hormone’, which is a natural mood booster!

The Vibrancy Hub

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The Vibrancy Hub is a wellbeing hub created to help individuals improve their mental and emotional wellbeing so they can lead their happiest, most fulfilled lives. Through personal life coaching sessions, online mindset programmes and female-focused events they help people to feel their very best.

They are currently offering free meditation, yoga and mini wellbeing workshops on their instagram @thevibrancyhub

To boost your wellbeing, elevate your positivity levels and create a healthy morning routine, take part in their 10 Day Positivity Challenge.

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